Our Pocono Waters 2020 Campaign Guide

Beginning May 2020, Our Pocono Waters partners will be asked to provide content for a summer-long Facebook/Instagram campaign. We are asking partners to share what they love about waterways of the Poconos — today and over generations past — through video testimonials and photos of you enjoying waterways of the Pocono Mountains region.

The goal of the campaign will eventually be to encourage your followers to make their own pledges to defend exceptional value streams, as well as to submit their own videos or photos showcasing what motivates their dedication to defend Our Pocono Waters.

The public-facing campaign is scheduled for June. Please submit your videos and photos by May 22.


We need you to take the first step. Take one minute to record a video of you alone or with your family, at home or at your favorite Pocono trail/stream, standing still or enjoying your favorite outdoor activity. Suggested language:

I pledge to defend Our Pocono Waters, because ________________________ 

I go to Pocono waters for ________________________

Pocono waterways fill me with __________________________

When I think of Pocono waters, I remember times when __________________________

I want a future Poconos where our waterways are ________________________ 

Get Started

Suggested production techniques:

  • Position: Hold your phone horizontally in “landscape” mode and, if you have a “camera person,” stand 3-4 feet from them. Show us your surroundings before or after you tell your story.
  •  Lighting: If you’re taking a selfie from home, try to do it in a brightly lit room. Sunlight from a window is best. Try to put the light source at an angle (not directly behind you, in front of you, or directly to the side).
  • Sound: Since our smartphones don’t handle sound as well as they do the video, try to avoid noisy environments. If it’s windy, try to find cover or face the back of the phone into the wind. The closer you are to the phone, the easier it will be to hear you.
  • Length:Please keep your videos under 1 minute.


To help engage followers throughout the campaign, we plan to ask them to share older photos from visits to streams or rivers in the Pocono Mountains region. We want to relive childhood fishing or hiking memories. And, if possible, we want followers to share more recent photos of themselves at the same places. This step in the campaign will be most successful if your organization releases its own archive photos along with these posts. Please upload any archival photos or videos.

Make sure to follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @OurPoconoWaters #OurPoconoWaters. Have additional ideas to share with the OPW network? Please forward any suggestions or questions to Ben Block. We want to hear all your creative ideas!